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Manufactured In Oregon

Each Garment we create is manufactured here in Oregon using the highest quality in sustainable U.S. made fabrics. By sourcing fabric and garment manufacturers in the U.S., we can keep our commitment to excellence in quality, integrates and creativity in every product we produce. Utilizing custom designs and unique dimensions we guarantee our products will stand out as the most comfortable items in your closet. At New Growth we make a conscious effort to keep our business within the U.S. with the belief that you deserve to know what your wearing as well as where it has come from. What are you wearing?

Mission: Comfort

Bringing comfort and confidence to every customer we provide the newest options in sustainable fabrics and the most comfortable designs. We guarantee that you will not only look good but feel good as well knowing that you have chosen to support local business while keeping the earth in mind. We don’t just sell clothing here at New Growth, we create comfort.

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Practices

We’ve teamed up with leading U.S. manufacturers specializing in production of custom sustainable fabrics. Working together we have created custom blends of sustainable fabrics to suit the need of every product. All printed garments are created using non-toxic phalate free inks leaving less of an environmental footprint on our earth. By providing clothing made in the U.S. using sustainable practices we hope to inspire other companies to follow suit and conduct business in both an environmentally and socially ethical manner. Get Outside – Leave No Trace